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Brad Browne

Spatial IT Consultant & Mobile Developer

Melbourne VIC, Australia

Brad Browne

Melbourne VIC - Australia




My Bio

I am focussed on helping you get the maximum value out of your existing investments in GIS and Spatial technology, with extensive experience administering and developing spatial solutions using MapInfo, Esri and Boundless OpenGeo Suite technologies.

When proprietary vendor technology is not available, I can turn to using MapServer and GDAL/OGR to develop solutions without additional investment in expensive technology.

When visualisation is required I use Google Maps API, CartoDB, MapBox and OpenLayers to provide responsive and intuitive web mapping. JavaScript, jQuery and Dojo Toolkit have been the pillars of my development and I am using React for new projects to simplify development of increasingly complex user interactions.

Underpinning most of the solutions I provide are spatial databases and I have been using SQL Server Spatial and Oracle Spatial since they were initially released and continually update my skills with each new release. The spatial database is the foundation of a successful GIS implementation and SQL is the lingua franca of GIS allowing IT professionals to leverage existing skills to administer and integrate location information.

Managing the multiple disparate datasets associated with a successful GIS implementation is made easier with FME and I have well honed skills developing and maintaining sometimes complex FME Workspaces to feed the beast.

Recently, I have been working with Xamarin to develop native iOS and Android applications that can take advantage of push notifications, background processing and offline sync and occasionally connected scenarios.

I have extensive experience deploying to Microsoft Azure and am well prepared to take advantage of the Cloud First, Mobile First commitment that Microsoft is making.

If you are wondering how location might improve your business processes or organisation, please feel free to contact me.