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Miguel Angel Martin Hernandez

Mobile Development Architect/ Xamarin Developer

Madrid, Spain

Miguel Angel Martin Hernandez

Madrid - Spain





  • Xamarin.Forms,
  • Xamarin.iOS,
  • Xamarin.Android,
  • Xamarin.UITest,
  • C#,
  • Visual Studio,
  • XUnit,
  • XAML,
  • MVVM,
  • Android,
  • iOS,
  • Unit testing,

My Bio

I'm a "full-stack" developer in .Net technologies so I'm able to add technical debt in many areas. It's a joke...

I have been developing software with .Net technologies, from classic .NET to .NET Core but I had the chance to start with mobile apps. I guess there's not better approach for a .NET developer starting with mobile apps than Xamarin and C#.


Please visit my LinkedIn page.


Please visit my LinkedIn page.