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Brian Andreasen

Software Engineer

Albertville, Minnsota, United States

Brian Andreasen

Albertville, Minnsota - United States





  • JavaScript,
  • Java,
  • .NET,
  • Android,
  • Xamarin,
  • ASP.NET,
  • Azure,
  • SQL Server,
  • HTML5,
  • CSS 3,
  • MySQL,
  • SQLite,

My Bio

Self-motivated software engineer passionate about mobile software development for business to consumer, business to business, and enterprise mobile applications.


Brian is a lifelong learner and as a software developer whom is passionate on delivering business value using technology software for businesses to gain a competitive advantage or stay competitive in their industry. Brian brings forward experiences working through the full software development lifecycle in Agile and Waterfall environments in many different styles of teams.

Technical Tools
.NET, XML, XAML, HTML, TCP/IP, REST, SOAP, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Android Studio, MS SQL Server, ASP.NET, Xamarin, MySQL, jQuery, Java, JavaScript, PowerShell, SQL, T-SQL, Swift, Python, Responsive Design, IIS, XCode and more.

Professional Experience

IT Developer, Wright County Buffalo, MN
Jan. 18’ – Present

As an IT Developer for Wright County I am primarily responsible for administration and development of their Microsoft SharePoint environment. I am also a .NET full stack developer with wright county and currently maintain custom code and scripts that have been written along with many other tasks.

• Implemented a cleaner version of a Nintex workflow to help remove logic anomalies that were causing data integrity issues within a SharePoint list in production.
• Re-architected an ASP.NET web application that had duplicating business logic, data access logic, and presentation logic within each page.
• Educated lines of business on how to protect PII and PHI related data and why they’re not intended for SharePoint use to mitigate any audit risk or compliance issues.
• Partnered with lines of business to better structure their data using the SharePoint data model as many departments requested data re-use over re-entry.
• Re-engineered a antiquated user-interface by implementing bootstrap for responsive design as the application targeted has a high number of mobile users.

IT Consultant, Concord USA
Feb. 16’ – Nov. 17’

As a consultant at Concord USA I was able to gain valuable industry experience in various differing roles within the software development lifecycle which has enabled me to become a stronger developer by engaging and supporting Fortune 1000 companies.

Business Systems Analyst, Client work on behalf of Concord USA
Apr. 17’ – Nov. 17’

ETL Projects for a healthcare client in data exchange were running significantly behind in fulfilling data requests for their customers resulting in a potential loss of revenue through not being able to fulfill contractual obligations and service level agreements.

• Performed data profiling within Teradata data warehouse using SQL querying techniques and aggregate functions to ensure that targeted fields are populated with data.
• Led user acceptance testing with Anthem business and their clients and vendors to ensure that the delivered product meets their needs.
• Mentored junior business systems analysts when there were issues querying the data warehouse by troubleshooting and optimizing queries for faster results.
• Delivered value by clearing out a 3-year backlog in projects and managing multiple projects at a given time.

.NET Applications Analyst, Client work on behalf of Concord USA
Feb 17’ – Apr. 17’

A healthcare client had multiple needs they need architecture topology for the application, data flow diagrams, a runbook along with technical documentation written for 5 major modules the development team were working on within a proprietary WPF application written in C#.
• Developed .NET technical documentation with two other developers for five core system modules, runbook, and architecture topology for a local healthcare client in C# within a proprietary WPF application.
• Performed code reviews with leaders of the development team to ensure accurate of technical documentation being delivered on a weekly basis.
• Performed a source code security review to ensure data was not being overexposed and raised concerns about certain controls with data privacy regarding HIPPA to deliver value on security.
• All deliverables occurred on time and under budget with a highly satisfied client.

C# ASP.NET Developer, Client work on behalf of Concord USA
Sep. 16’ – Feb. 17’

The client needed a way to have application owners within the organization verify if their databases contained any personally identifiable information or protected health information to flag them as sensitive.

• Integrated ODP.NET into the ASP.NET application which allowed us to get data from an oracle database using managed data provider.
• Implemented AJAX in JavaScript to remove the load from the server to the client side to be able to use cached data as our concurrent user based was expected to be at least 1,000 people.
• Use of CSS and Vanilla JavaScript to implement custom front end features such as client-side validation, custom progress bar, and layout.
• Delivered the product under budget and under time resulting in high client satisfaction.

IBM Guardium Security Engineer, Client work on behalf of Concord USA
Feb. 16’ – Feb. 17’

Concord’s client had a need to implement security software for real-time database activity monitoring for a new security compliance effort after another healthcare organization was breached.

• Delivered value by exceeding the target of 4,000 databases in the first calendar year by implementing Guardium on 7,000 databases.
• Implementation was across a heterogenous database environment and multiple flavors of servers such as Windows Server 2003 – 2016, AIX, Solaris, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4-6.
• Developed PowerShell scripts to assist with ticket automation on the Service Now platform with pre-approved templates our project leaders reviewed. This was a critical effort in being able to remove manual process to automated to be able to exceed our goal.
• Developed and implemented a python script to troubleshoot database connection issues and collect the error messages to assist with root cause analysis with Oracle DBAs.


Mobile Software Engineer
BA Software Solutions LLC
Apr.18’ – Present

The Savvy Email application is currently in its second phase of development by creating a simple email application and converting it to a feature rich mobile application using Xamarin.Forms.

Mobile Software Engineer
Code for Social Good
Dec. 17’ – Present

Code for Social good is a platform where non-profit organizations can connect with technologists of all types to support their projects and gain valuable real-world experience.

Presently a contributor on the iOS mobile application and Android mobile application currently in development.

A.A.S. .NET Programmer
Hennepin Technical College
GPA 3.5
Awarded December 2017

B.S. Software Engineering
Saint Cloud State University
In Progress
GPA 3.5

Xamarin University
Nov. 17’ – Present
• Achieved Xamarin Professional Certification
• Preparing for Xamarin Developer Certification

President’s List Fall 2016 Hennepin Technical College
• Awarded for outstanding academic performance achieving or exceeding a semester GPA of 3.5

President’s List Spring 2017 Hennepin Technical College
• Awarded for outstanding academic performance achieving or exceeding a semester GPA of 3.5

President’s List Fall 2017 Hennepin Technical College
• Awarded for outstanding academic performance achieving or exceeding a semester GPA of 3.5

Udacity Grow with Google Scholarship Android Development
Jan. 18’ – Apr. 18’
• Awarded a scholarship from Udacity and Google to learn Android Development

Udacity Android Nanodegree Scholarship
Apr. 18’ – Present
• Awarded a scholarship from performance in the Grow with Google Android development program for a full nanodegree scholarship focused on Android development.

Concord USA
Smart Award Oct. 2017
• Recognized for being able to get up to speed quickly on projects and able to take tangible actions to help move business forward in the right direction.

Concord USA
5 Star Client Success Contributor
• Recognized for being part of a high performing team to meet and exceed client expectations during implementation of IBM Security Guardium


A.A.S. .NET Programming, Hennepin Technical College

B.S. Software Engineering, Saint Cloud State University
In Progress expected grad year 2020