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Konstantin Semenenko

Senior .NET Developer

Kyiv, Ukraine

Konstantin Semenenko

Kyiv - Ukraine



Certified Mobile Developer




  • C#,
  • .NET,
  • Xamarin,

My Bio

I am a Senior Developer with 12+ years of experience, out of which 9+ years of experience in C# and .NET.
Due to my technical background and skills, various successful projects and SCRUM-based work experience I know how to manage processes, which enable efficient and effective project accomplishment and implementation. I focus on product, its quality and business value.
I have a vast sphere of interests and I strongly believe that it’s vital to always keep moving forward. Which is why I contribute to open source projects, take part in start ups, and also I have developed own patents.
In-depth knowledge of C# and .NET Framework and Agile enables me to seek for challenging and interesting projects.