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Edward Cristi Butoiu

.NET Developer

Bucharest, Romania

Edward Cristi Butoiu

Bucharest - Romania



Certified Mobile Developer




  • C#,
  • T-SQL,
  • Xamarin Forms,
  • ASP.NET Core,
  • Entity Framework Cor...,
  • XAML,
  • Xamarin.iOS,
  • Xamarin.Android,
  • Xamarin.UWP,
  • UWP,
  • AngularJS,
  • Blazor,

My Bio

.NET Core and Xamarin enthusiast.
Mainly working on full stack projects with .NET Core, Xamarin.Forms, SQL Server and Azure.
Also working with UWP, WPF and Angular.


Sistec - [2014 - 2017]
I've started my job as an intern by building a custom UI-testing framework (CUIT) that was soon adopted by all of our testers for their app-testing scenarios, basically it was a super extended meta-data based CUIT tool that was extremely reusable and it was very simple to use, especially for a non-technical user, it was supporting both desktop and web apps.
Then I've resumed with a custom ERP's maintenance and new functionalities for the proprietary ERP ( Cogito ERP )
- C# and VB.NET modules where I've added new ERP functionalities, bugfixing and optimizations.
- T-SQL - Building new functionalities that were used by the ERP, especially meta-data that was being used at runtime by the ERP, that included
stored procedures, tables, views, functions, CLR Functions for various storage/web requests, Broker Agents for queued messaging and also
multi-threading-ish behaviour on SQL Server, SSRS for custom reports.
As soon as .NET Core was out (1.0) I've started developing and experiencing with it, in a few months starting ASP.NET Core WebAPI development for various clients that required integrations with our ERP with Azure hosting.
Then, naturally that awesome backend stack needed some great cross-platform UI representation, so I've started experiencing with Xamarin, fell in love and started kicking some real Xamarin.Forms development for various internal and external clients.

TotalSoft [2017-2018]
Started working with Angular 4 development for IpSos, a website that had similar functionality of Google Analytics.
Also worked with SQL Server a lot for various db-level ERP functionalities, such as custom SQL CLR-s for translation, web requests, etc.
Hosting ASP NET.Core classes with Xamarin.Forms for interns.

RinfTech [2018-Present]
Kicked off with ASP.NET Core and Xamarin.Forms application for an important client (Hotel area) which I am currently working at
Using Azure Web Jobs with RedisDB with a queue pattern for various projects.


Aurel Vlaicu Highchool
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science for Business Management, Romanian-American University
MA in Computer Science for Business, Romanian-American University