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João Ferreira

Developer Architect

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

João Ferreira

Vila Nova de Gaia - Portugal



Certified Mobile Professional




  • .Net,
  • Asp.Net Core,
  • EF Core,
  • Xamarin.Forms,
  • Azure Apps,
  • SQL Server,
  • MySQL,

My Bio

I think I love developing too much. We are living wonderful days for people who loves developing. The most difficult thing is to maintain a safe path so that we don't blow up our minds. It's so easy to have access to learn material in new technologies.
Now I love Xamarin and Asp.Net Core backends.


I have been in almost everything, from C++, Java, .Net all the way, Node JS, Python, Net Core (love ASP.Net Core), several SPAs using angular (>2).
Now in Mobile App development I have started first experiences in Ionic, then Nativescript, and now I am noticing some performance improvements in Xamarin, and I started loving it. I think I will now use all my experience in developing backends in Net Core (mostly hosted on Azure), and mobile apps in Xamarin.