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Antonio Ruffolo

Software Engineer

Rende, Italy

Antonio Ruffolo

Rende - Italy





  • Main languages: Swif...,
  • Objective-C,
  • C#,
  • Java,
  • C,
  • Javascript,
  • Kotlin Other langua...,
  • Bash,
  • SQL,
  • HTML,
  • Python,
  • x86,
  • x86_64 Development ...,
  • Xamarin / Xamarin Fo...,
  • Unity3D,
  • Android Development...,
  • Visual Studio,
  • Unity3D,
  • Android Studio,
  • VIM,
  • Git Other: Photosho...,
  • Sketch,

My Bio

iOS Mobile Developer, Swift (XCode) and C# (Xamarin)


Software Engineer April 2016 - Present
Held five internal conferences regarding iOS, Unity3D development and Clean Code best practices.
Coop Voce and Enel E-Travel: assigned to both project to address major issues regarding crashes and bugs for iOS and Android platforms.
Both app are developed using Xamarin native.
Enel contatori 2g: app developed using Xamarin Native. I was assigned on both iOS and Android project to develop UI and business logic.
Enel Energia: app for managing electricity subscription developed in Xamarin native. I was assigned on iOS project to develop Push notifications and Webviews using Javascript bridges to communicate with native code.
Sky Fai Da Te: app developed using Xamarin Forms. 
The app provides functionalities for buying Sky network services and managing the subscription.
I was assigned to fix bugs and crashes and develop a major restyle of core sections both for iOS and Android.

Software Engineer May 2015 - April 2016
Developer of mobile banking iOS app Mediolanum. One of three developers, I was assigned to the development of UI and business logic for core functionalities. The app was developed using Swift 2 and Auto Layout

Software Engineer October 2017 - April 2018
Developer of a mobile app using Cordoba. The POC was a hydrogeological tracker. It used Javascript Google Maps v3 to display danger zones and gives alerts to the user.


Università della Calabria Rende, CS
Software Engineering Bachelor Degree
Degree thesis regarding Objective-C Design patterns.