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Thiago Moreira

Sr. Mobile Developer | Sr. Xamarin.Forms | Software Architect .NET

São Paulo, Brazil

Thiago Moreira

São Paulo - Brazil



Certified Mobile Professional




  • Xamarin.Forms,
  • Xamarin.Android,
  • Xamarin.iOS,
  • Flutter,
  • React Native,
  • C#,
  • Visual Basic,
  • Java,
  • Javascript,
  • PHP,
  • Python,
  • Swift,
  • MVVM,
  • FreshMVVM,
  • Prism,
  • Git,
  • TFS,
  • Scrum,
  • XP,

My Bio

Acting in the area of Information Technology, planning, evaluating and executing the development of new programs, establishing organizational standards and methods, and identifying solutions to technical and administrative problems.

Experienced in analysis and development of systems in Java, .NET, PHP, Javascript, requirements dimensioning and application coding.

Analysis of system development feasibility, including requirements survey, research and evaluation of systems available in the market and their application.

Performing tests to ensure error-free solutions and functional specification compliance, producing test documentation.

Participating in specification and implementation of new projects, elaborating technical documentation, redesign, and definition of system architecture.

Solid knowledge in multiple programming languages as well as agile methodology.

Mobile developer in Xamarin, Flutter, React Native, Java Android, Swift iOS.


15 years PHP developer
11 years .NET developer
5 years Xamarin.Forms and (Xamarin.Android & Xamarin.iOS)
1 year React Native developer
1 year Flutter developer