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Jose Taveras

Software Developer

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Jose Taveras

Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic




My Bio

My insatiable hunger for problem-solving got me into IT, and it it’s that same drive to find solutions that has me looking back at a career of 12 years in Software Development. My main role was to come up with inventive solutions to tackle the needs of our clients. Ranging from insurance companies to fiber optic providers, I was required to adapt and thrive within the specific set of challenges that came with each of their industries. On a day-to-day basis, I was involved in every stage of project development: concept on, features proposals, architecture and development.
Boasting a well-rounded set of skills in software engineering, I particularly excel at rich web applications using ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC 5, Less and JQuery, as well as mobile applications with Xamarin.
Additionally, I’m proficient creating backend SOAP services for SOA layer using jdeveloper connected to an Oracle database. I was also responsible for creating essential backend services for client’s portal: enlinea.universal.com.do and for coordinating with an external workforce in the redesign of several of our public portals.