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Geoffrey Huntley

Xamarin Freelancer (Sydney, Australia)

Sydney, Australia, Australia

Geoffrey Huntley

Sydney, Australia - Australia



Certified Mobile Developer




  • architecture,
  • engineering lead,
  • reactive programming,
  • reactiveui,
  • mvvm,
  • android,
  • ios,
  • uwp,
  • apple tv,
  • wpf,
  • winforms,

My Bio

🙌 I’m Geoff, an open source software engineer. I’m responsible for authoring and maintaining tools that enable software developers deliver business value faster and easier. Gone are the days where a developer had to start every project by defining their own IO, data structures and subroutines. Modern developers rely on frameworks, third-party libraries and other niceties that used to take hundreds of developer person hours before writing any business logic. That's where I come in. Software that I maintain is inside Microsoft Visual Studio, GitHub, Atlassian Sourcetree, Amazon Drive, Halo, Slack, is heavily used by the financial services sector and has been installed by other software developers 21 million times.

If you’ve got a position in mind or an interesting project you want to get off the ground send a message via via LinkedIn or an email to ghuntley@ghuntley.com with your requirements for a confidential discussion.


👉 https://ghuntley.com