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Devon Vassell

I Love Prep

St. Mary, Jamaica

Devon Vassell

St. Mary - Jamaica





  • Gardner,
  • Merchandise,
  • Meat Storeroom(Emplo...,
  • Prepator.,

My Bio

I'm from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. I'm 24, tomorrow I'll be 25 time is just wining up. I love beach but hardly at the beach. I am very hardworking guy, love to get things done. I'm a Countable personable person understand the value of life's. and a equal person, I look at work as my spirit emotion I love to experience new things always look towards advancing in other career and what I love to do.


Madge Saunders Conference Center-(Prep Meat & Vegetables
Supermarket-(Serve Meat Etc., Merchandise)
Radiator Repair
Tax Administration-(Filing, Check update of Documents, Organize Customer's Documents)
Restaurant-(Prep Meat & Vegetables, Steward)


Retreat Skills Training Centre - (Food and Beverage Restaurant Server) Level 1 Certification