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Philippe Bourque

Senior Researcher - User interface

Quebec City, Canada

Philippe Bourque

Quebec City - Canada





  • I'm NOT a code guru,
  • I'm a team spirit GU...,
  • C#,
  • C++,
  • Visual Studio,
  • Xamarin,
  • Project management. ...,
  • interpretation,
  • studio,
  • management,
  • web,
  • marketing Managem...,
  • problem resolution,
  • concertation,
  • team spirit,
  • futuristic vision,

My Bio

Primary an artist, but also a great manager, engineer and technologist. Humanist, I love arts, politics and technologies.


10 years at Pleora Technologies, Cooper Power Systems, Giro and Gentec-EO. Windows (C++/C#) and Xamarin (Android/iOS) development projects.

My main responsibilities now is to solve "irresolvable problems" (both technical and human related).

More than 10 years in the Quebec music industry.


Computer Engineer, University Laval, 2004-2008
Electronic Conception, Cégep Trois-Rivières, 2001-2004