Ahmed Radwan

Xamarin Developer

Obour, Egypt

Ahmed Radwan

Obour - Egypt



Certified Mobile Professional




  • C#.NET,
  • ASP.NET,
  • Xamarin,
  • SQL Server,
  • APDU,

My Bio

 Have an overall 9+ years of experience in .NET application development and IT support.
 Have 1+ years of experience developing cross platform mobile applications (iOS, Android, UWP).
 Have 3+ years of experience in SIM card production covering all production phases (GSM punching,
milling, embedding, personalization, scripting, data generation and keys generation using HSM).
 Have good development experience using Microsoft technologies Asp.net, C#.net.
 Have good experience developing SQL SERVER and Oracle Databases.
 Innovative problem solving skills and dedication to quality.
 Effective communication and has a very good reputation as a key resource over the years.
 Participated in full product life cycle (analysis, design, development, testing and deployment).
 Self-starter and comfortable in adapting to any kind of Environment.


Master of Science in Computer Science