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Bruno Mandara

Project Manager & Developer

Ragusa, Italy

Bruno Mandara

Ragusa - Italy



Certified Mobile Developer



My Bio

Senior Developer specializing in the development of Mobile, Web and Enterprise Software (Desktop) applications with special experience in creating 'Back-End' and App Mobile applications. Great experience at all stages of the development cycle of mobile and business projects. Knowledge of numerous programming languages including C #, Html5, Java, Object C, AngularJs, Cords, Ionic, Wpf, Xamarin, Extjs, FoxPro, Wpf, UWP, JavaScript, SQL, SQL Server, MySql, RavenDb and all over the world. NET. Ability to adapt software to different languages, Team collaboration for software programming based on customer specifications. I keep myself up to date about what's going on around the world of IT and it helps me greatly to improve my knowledge.