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David Pegg


Rochester, NY, United States

David Pegg

Rochester, NY - United States



Certified Mobile Developer




  • C#,
  • SQL Server lover (no...,
  • the full stored proc...,
  • views,
  • optimization,
  • database kind of guy...,
  • Front end UI - HTML,
  • CSS,
  • Javascript,
  • jQuery,
  • Angular,
  • Azure,
  • Xamarin,

My Bio

Pride myself on understanding a business domain and building the best possible experience for the user to get their job/task done quickly and intuitively (while still making sure the system doesn't come crashing to it's knees.)


Been consulting/contracting for the past 15 years and love the associated challenges (spinning up on different technologies each company uses, adapting to the processes they use understanding their business needs, and implementing great software to fulfill those needs.