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joerlyn mariano morfe ureña

Entrepreneur Developer

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

joerlyn mariano morfe ureña

Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic



Certified Mobile Professional




  • • C#,
  • ASP.NET,
  • Web Services SOAP,
  • MVC,
  • Entity Framework,
  • WCF,
  • WPF,
  • and Xamarin,
  • Reporting Services,
  • Cristal Report and A...,
  • CSS/CSS3,
  • JQuery,
  • JavaScript and Boots...,
  • Asterisk and/or Elas...,
  • SQL scripts,
  • Stored Procedures,
  • T-SQL,
  • SSIS,
  • query optimization a...,
  • Apache,
  • Php and WordPress. ...,
  • Jira and SVN. • Win...,
  • Mac OS,
  • Debian Lenny and Cen...,
  • DNS,
  • DHCP,
  • HTTP,
  • SMTP,
  • NTP,
  • SNMP,
  • VoIP • Messaging IS...,
  • MasterCard and Amex.,

My Bio

Passion for Technologies Xamarin, .Net, PHP, CNNA, Server+, Asterisk and Elastix Integrations


Develop, maintain and support application programs for several company’s clients, Web and mobile systems using .net and related tools. Analyze code for system testing and debugging; create test transactions to find, isolate and rectify issues; and manage a team of five programmers and manage around ten applications distribute all our clients.

• Develop, maintain and support application Payment Gateway as well as Card Distribution, E-Commerce, Token Software.
• Develop Analysis, execution plans and schedule for new projects and Existing project.
• Oversee the detailed product specifications, detailed product design and testing program for new products and Existing project
• Development and help implement any relate technology that would be required to develop new products and/or client's requirements.
• Manage multiple product developments simultaneously and developers Team.
• Provide leadership in developing objectives for future business development with the Board of Directors and staff, and carry out plans and policies as authorized.
• Ensure that products and tasks are compliant with all regulatory requirements and certifications that are required and applicable for our clients.
• Coded new solutions that increased availability and scalability by 45% and 75%, respectively.

Led programming tasks including enhancements, maintenance and support for client’s applications and interfaces. Engineered software products, handling complex analysis and intricate programming to meet project requirements.
• Reengineered multiple systems that fueled improvements to productivity, efficiency, uptime and accuracy for global business operations. Developed code, system design and test/QA plans for all solutions and often coordinated the national or international rollout.
• Developed large-scale, portable, thread-safe and ultra-high performance foundation and application infrastructure libraries.
• Developed new procedures for requirements gathering, needs analysis, testing, scripting and documentation to strengthen quality and functionality of Ecommerce applications Claro Codetel Rep. Dom. - http://tiendaenlinea.claro.com.do
• Led, architected and participated in the design, testing and deployment of client/server Ticket Applications: TicketExpress http://www.ticketexpress.com.do
Led, architected and participated in the design, testing and deployment of client/server, multitier applications as
(Apayment) to VisaNet, PagaTodo and Humano, is a suit payment gateway system.
• Led, architected and participated in the design, testing and deployment of client/server, multitier applications as
(Acard) to BanReservas and Asociacion Popular Dominicana(APAP) Dominican Banks, is a Credit-card and documents Distribution suit.
• Bring from idea to project: AgilPass Token Mobile OTP applications and (Loyalty and Bonus Systems).

DATACLOUD November 2011-Present
CEO Santo Domingo, RD
Lead programming and IT manager, programing task for developer and IT Support, handling client situations and problems solve.

• Develop and implement cross-platform, POS system. Completed project under budget and three weeks ahead of deadline.
• Trained and mentored junior programmers in programming methodologies and best practices.
• Delivered back-office tools supporting ecommerce initiatives, enabling company to compete more effectively in the marketplace through search-engine optimization.
• Served as a core group member in defining and prioritizing technology investments for the next two years, ensuring the alignment of process, technology and business objectives.
• Conceptualized, planned, launched and currently chair the Cybersecurity Committee, a company-wide group focused on improving security of the business’ information infrastructure.
• Implemented IT network projects: Installed, configured and maintained network services, hardware systems and peripheral equipment/devices:
o VoIP implementation LBO Panthers Dominican Republic and networking integration support
o Developing Accounting and Loan Software Dietch Combustibles SRL.
o Develop Corporative Web Site, Infraestrure, network Camin Cargo Control Dominican Republic
o relanseNetwork and Connections support for DV Luxury Transport http://dvluxury.net call Center in Dominican Republic through UP Casa.
o oversee and Support Canada Visa Application Centre Dominican Republic through our technical Supports Team.
o Developed ERP and CRM Multi-clients in our site for many clients

E&M International Consulting February 2009-2011
IT Support Santo Domingo, RD

• Planned IT network infrastructure to ensure that the systems are tailored and comply with their requirements and needs.
• Implemented IT network projects: Installed, configured and maintained network services, hardware systems and peripheral equipment/devices.
• Administered servers and server clusters – Managed system back-up, database and restored protocols.
• Performed network QA test, executed system analysis and troubleshooting in order to resolve problems on servers, workstations and other network devices.
• Monitored the network performance regularly to improve performance and functionality.
• Monitored network/software security – Controlled access to the IT network and updated security programs as a part of the security procedure


Eoi -Spaing MBA
UTESA -Software Ingeniers