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Денис Гордин

Sr. Xamarin Developer, SibGeoProject inc.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Денис Гордин

Saint Petersburg - Russia





  • C#,
  • Xamarin,
  • Xamarin.iOS,
  • Xamarin.Android,
  • Xamarin.Forms,
  • MvvmCross,
  • REST,
  • SQLite,
  • SQLChiper,
  • JSON,
  • ArcGIS,
  • NUnit,
  • MVVM,
  • MVC,
  • Swift,
  • Git,
  • SVN,
  • iBeacon,

My Bio

I’m a big C# fan! My area of choice is the.NET universe, especially now that Microsoft has turned to the open source community. I’m Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer. Speaking of OSS, I’m also a team member in MvvmCross. My interests include all aspects of mobile development and more. I prefer C# / .NET but if needed, I can easily switch to another language / technology, depending on the task.


Working with all spectre of Xamarin stack.
Currently working on massive offline cross-platform (Android and iOS) application for heads of Russian oil and gas companies.


Bachelor of Computer Security in Computer Science,
Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer