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Paloma Gallego

Sofware Developer .Net & Xamarin

Madrid, Spain

Paloma Gallego

Madrid - Spain




My Bio

In every project I got involved so far, I got to know me a little more. I consider myself a dynamic, creative person able to take responsibilities

Some of the things I believe I will bring to the table:

- Know-how
- Dedication and enthusiasm in equal shares in each and every future project

I am confident about my capabilities and potential. I can offer my own touch which is not just any touch. I consider it fresh, original, fun and, overall, different

This introduction is not just my job person. In my spare time I am the same active and versatile person who is able to adapt to anything and have fun facing new the challenges. I enjoy skating, playing hockey, learning new languages and travelling

Making people around me have a good time is my second unnamed talent and Im always eager to meet new people. When things go south my motto is: relax and enjoy

Despite all this, I know I still have a long road ahead and lots of new things to learn