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Jorge Castro

Xamarin Developer

Houston, TX, United States

Jorge Castro

Houston, TX - United States



Certified Mobile Developer




  • C#,
  • Azure,
  • Xamarin,
  • UWP,
  • Raspberry,
  • Prism,

My Bio

I have 9+ years in total of experience as developer for the Microsoft technology stack, so my understanding on .NET and C# related technologies is very competitive, and because of this, I possess strong skills to design, develop and deploy high quality applications using Xamarin while also being able to architect end to end solutions integrating mobile front ends with .NET backends, web services and platforms like Azure.

The latest 7+ years I have been dedicated to mobile technology, starting with Windows Platform and for the latest 3 of those years I have been working with Xamarin platform.

I have developed a wide range of high quality mobile applications, from content and multimedia to mobile banking, mobile payments and highly transactional business apps, on some of them I was also involved in the backend services.

For 4 years I also led a team of up to 8 mobile and C# developers and as a result I have experience coaching, coordinating and assembling teams from .NET web, cloud and mobile native Android, iOS, Windows, this drove me to creating a mobile workflow that improves delivery time distributing work efficiently.

As part of my skills I am able to develop a multi-layer architecture based on best practices for .NET in the Core component in all my Xamarin apps, based on MVVM pattern and SOLID principles complemented with other design patterns with C# achieving with it adaptive, tested and reusable code while also improves maintenance and bug solving speed. I believe a quality Core equals a quality app so I invest in improving this architecture in every project.

I know how to work with the application development lifecycle using Scrum and Kanban methods using tools like Jira or VSTS I'm able to work side to side with UX design, project management and QA teams